Customer End Products Percentage of Total Praxair Sales Sources of Growth and Customer Benefits
Antifreeze, latex paints, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, textiles, carpeting, dyes, cosmetics, detergents, vinyl, plastic containers, auto parts, upholstery foams; gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, lubricants, chemical feedstocks Emerging markets in Asia and South America, integration of gas and utility supply systems, environmental regulation, customer requirements for utility management, co-generation, productivity gains and lower costs; enhanced safety, lower emissions; increased demand to refine high-sulfur crude oil, increased production of reformulated gasoline to meet environmental regulations, increased refining capacity in South America
Semiconductors; electronics assembly New wafer fab construction requiring comprehensive site-services management, new technology developments within the semiconductor industry, environmental regulations, customer requirements for productivity gains and lower cost, worldwide standards for gas specifications, assembly inerting
Carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, baked goods, snacks, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy foods, convenience foods; food transport and food service; vegetables, fruits, flowers Emerging markets in Asia and South America, increased processor focus on food safety; increased demand for convenience foods, flavor preservation and extended shelf-life; customer requirements for beverage carbonation services, freezing and chilling equipment, water treatment technologies, productivity gains, lower costs and improved distribution efficiencies
Life support systems and patient care, respiratory therapy; medical instrumentation, equipment sterilization, diagnostic tools such as magnetic resonance and computerized tomography imaging, and blood gas analysis; anesthesia, laser surgery, laboratory cultures Emerging global markets; global partnerships; customer demand for economical bulk supply, equipment supply and installation; on-site total gas management services for hospitals; homecare; improved efficiency and productivity
Pulp and paper, glass, aerospace, water and wastewater treatment, fiber optics, environmental remediation, metals and materials processing Economic growth, environmental regulations, customer requirements for productivity, higher quality and lower cost, demand for custom-engineered solutions; environmental compliance, safe atmospheres, cost reductions, consistent purity, increased productivity
Cars, aircraft, ships, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, rail cars, military vehicles; heavy equipment, bridges, buildings, containers; pipelines, appliances, furniture Laser, plasma and robotics technologies; customers consolidating to fewer full-line suppliers; customer requirements for increased productivity, improved product quality, decreased welding fumes, reduced costs
Steel — bar, rod, flat rolled, heat-treated, formed steel, sheet metal for the metal fabrication industry, structural steel, concrete reinforcing rods; stainless steel, aluminum, copper, lead, gold, other alloys Modernization of privatized steel mills in Asia, South America, Mexico and new mini-mills being built worldwide; increased alternate iron production; customer requirements for increased productivity, higher quality and lower costs and environmental compliance
Aircraft engine and airframe components; industrial gas turbines; computer hard drives, semiconductors; optical lenses; rolls and machine components used in the textile, steel, paper, plastics, petrochemical and other processing industries; thermal-spray coated rolls and parts for flexographic, offset and gravure printing Economic growth; environmental regulations; customer requirements for productivity, higher quality and lower cost; demand for custom-engineered solutions; extended product life, lower costs; speed to market, product differentiation and safety
Products, Services and Supply Systems
Praxair gases
Air, argon, calibration gases, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, ozone, rare gases, shielding-gas mixtures, specialty gases, medical gases and gas mixtures, semiconductor process gases, sterilant gases, synthesis gas, ultra-high-purity atmospheric gases

Praxair Surface Technologies
Metallic and ceramic coatings for mechanical components; coating powders, application facilities and equipment; aviation component repair services; laser-engraved anilox rollers for the printing industry; polishing slurries for computer hard disks and optical lenses; non-stick release coatings; technical ceramics for superconductors and piezo electronics

Praxair supply systems
Cylinder and bulk deliveries; pipeline networks; the industry’s most comprehensive range of cryogenic and non-cryogenic air separation plants; carbon dioxide and hydrogen purification units

Industry-specific equipment
Complete line of cryogenic freezers (food processing); disinfection, oxygen dissolution and pH control equipment (wastewater treatment); gas cabinets and piping systems (electronics); welding equipment, consumables, software and accessories (metal fabrication); respiratory therapy and home medical equipment (healthcare)

Praxair services
On-site gas management; specialized on-site gas handling and monitoring systems; UCISCO* pipeline and plant services; utility management and co-generation; turnkey design and construction; beverage carbonation services

*UCISCO is a subsidiary of Praxair, Inc.


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